Pileus Leather Printing Services
We are able to print on any natural or synthetic surfaces; grain or smooth leathers. We can also do full colour and high relief prints in
photographic quality.

Pileus does not use transfers. Our high performance digital printing respects the nature and texture of the materials used.
What is leather printing?
It is the technology that is able to print on the leather surface, keeping the natural characteristics and softness of leather.

This technology does not apply transfers that are stick on the leather. The technology used can do full color photographic quality prints on genuine and fake leather. You can either print a whole skin or smaller leather panels.
Characteristics and Durabilityn

  • Photographic Quality Printing.
  • Full Colour Printing.
  • Burnish and High-Relief Finish.
  • Capability to print on any colour base and uneven surfaces.
  • Very high performance and resistance to water, rubbing, sunlight,…
  • Printing by nesting, whole skins and PU material roll.
  • High definition in small fonts.
Examples of Prints